Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Just returned from Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City. As those in the industry know, this is THE rendezvous for those involved in outdoor sports. If you were at the show and hit the main hallway you would have found me at the Rome booth showing off all that's new & exciting for our 2008 selling season*

Some highlights of the show -
Getting the chance to catch up with our dealers some of whom we've been working with for 30+ years.

Having our Canadian Distributor on hand during the key days of the show. BTW - big news on Canada coming soon.

Being interviewed on Outdoor Utah Today by former cast iron cooking champion Kent Mayberry. The show is broadcast on the 50,000 watt powerhouse AM 700 The Zone in Salt Lake City.

Having a hotel with an indy coffee shop literally next door which allowed me to swagger past the 50 person deep crowds at the show espresso bar - Americano in hand.

After 16 years in the biz, I finally figured out the secret to driving traffic into the booth. DOGS! My neighbors, Rum Reggae had their two black labs "work" the show and it was amazing to watch the number of buyers/reps/exhibitors who stopped to pet them. Lance Armstrong couldn't draw more attention.

Found some choice rare books on my annual SLC trek to Sam Weller's used bookstore.

Lara bar samples. Chocolate Mole - me gusta.

The road show continues for us in the next couple of weeks. Ken Porten of Voyageur Sales will be representing our products at the Midwest Outdoor Rep Show in Madison, WI (August 21st - 23rd) and Lisa Mansback of Mansback Assoc will be showing our products at the East Coast Outdoor Rep show (August 20th - 22nd.) As for myself I'll be attending the Fall NBS show in early September down in Ft Worth as well as the TrueValue trade show in late October.

*Wait a minute. You say that you're an existing customer and you don't have the new catalog yet? You should receive it in the next few weeks along with our early order program. If you're not a current customer and would like to receive the info, drop me a line and I'll have it sent pronto.

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